Scanwings is a Finnish business flight company established in 1977. We offer versatile flight operations for your needs.


Business Flights

Efficient business flight operations - since 1977

Our main activity is business flights that we operate with the world's most popular twin engine jet and turboprop aircraft types, always with a crew of two qualified pilots. Business flight enhances your business and brings added value into it.

  • The departure and destination airfields are always selected by the customer. We provide you access to/from the airport nearest to you, including airports where no non-stop service is available, even to airports not served by the scheduled airlines.
  • Business flight enables multiple destinations in one work day. Ultimate timesaving for your convenience!
  • Flexible timetable - your meetings will be scheduled by yourself, not by airline carriers!
  • When all the benefits and costs are properly added up - exceedingly often a business flight with Scanwings proves to be the most cost effective choice.