Scanwings is a Finnish business flight company established in 1977. We offer versatile flight operations for your needs.

Information on the COVID-19 situation

Precautionary measures on COVID-19

The safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff is the highest priority for us. We are taking the appropriate preventive measures in order to help reduce the spread and effects of the COVID-19.

Precautionary measures:

  • We are limiting and regulating the number of visitors on our premises and meetings and other communications are held with remote meetings depending on the current COVID-19 situation.
  • We have allocated hand sanitizers to all of our premises and made available face masks for the use of our staff and clients.
  • Our premises are cleaned and disinfected several times a week.
  • Our aircraft and disinfected according to the instructions set by the European aviation regulator EASA.
  • On our flights there is always the possibility to use personal a personal face mask and hand sanitizers.
  • We have educated our team on proper hygienic and social procedures to limit the impacts of COVID-19 to our operations. We have suggested the office staff to work remotely or from home when possible.

We would like to remind our passengers that nearly all airports recommend or require the use of a face mask. The mask recommendation or requirement applies on several countries and one should be prepared for it.

For more information please consult the Finnish government and Finnish institute for health and welfare websites.

Flights during COVID-19

Our aircraft and crew are fully operational and on stand by to serve our clients with well-prepared, flexible and responsible flights also during the COVID-19.

For the time being our operations are based on the actual rules and limits based on COVID-19. The flights are planned and executed according to the regulations set forth by each government. Our operational policies are always kept up-to-date in this changing environment, and for that reason please always contact us regarding information on charter flights and possible travel restrictions.

The strict hygienic rules apply on all of our flights, and the aircraft are cleaned and disinfected according to the standards set by the European aviation authority EASA.

On all of our flights the clients and staff have the possibility to use hand sanitizers and face masks and also on these matters we follow the EASA's COVID-19 guidelines.

We will especially look after the health and wellbeing of our clients during our flights. But still, remember to stay at home if you are sick. During COVID-19 we can accommodate possible cancellations related to sicknesses with more flexibility.