Scanwings is a Finnish business flight company established in 1977. We offer versatile flight operations for your needs.
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Executive Business Flights

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Information on the COVID-19 situation

Scanwings flies charter flights normally despite of the exceptional world situation. Please read on how we take care of your safety.

Precautionary measures on COVID-19

The safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff is the highest priority for us. We are taking the appropriate preventive measures in order to help reduce the spread and effects of the COVID-19.

Precautionary measures:

  • We are limiting and regulating the number of visitors on our premises and meetings and other communications are held with remote meetings depending on the current COVID-19 situation.
  • We have allocated hand sanitizers to all of our premises and made available face masks for the use of our staff and clients.
  • Our premises are cleaned and disinfected several times a week.
  • Our aircraft and disinfected according to the instructions set by the European aviation regulator EASA.
  • On our flights there is always the possibility to use personal a personal face mask and hand sanitizers.
  • We have educated our team on proper hygienic and social procedures to limit the impacts of COVID-19 to our operations. We have suggested the office staff to work remotely or from home when possible.

We would like to remind our passengers that nearly all airports recommend or require the use of a face mask. The mask recommendation or requirement applies on several countries and one should be prepared for it.

For more information please consult the Finnish government and Finnish institute for health and welfare websites.

Flights during COVID-19

Our aircraft and crew are fully operational and on stand by to serve our clients with well-prepared, flexible and responsible flights also during the COVID-19.

For the time being our operations are based on the actual rules and limits based on COVID-19. The flights are planned and executed according to the regulations set forth by each government. Our operational policies are always kept up-to-date in this changing environment, and for that reason please always contact us regarding information on charter flights and possible travel restrictions.

The strict hygienic rules apply on all of our flights, and the aircraft are cleaned and disinfected according to the standards set by the European aviation authority EASA.

On all of our flights the clients and staff have the possibility to use hand sanitizers and face masks and also on these matters we follow the EASA's COVID-19 guidelines.

We will especially look after the health and wellbeing of our clients during our flights. But still, remember to stay at home if you are sick. During COVID-19 we can accommodate possible cancellations related to sicknesses with more flexibility.


Versatile flight operations - since 1977

Business flights

Aircraft management

Cargo flights

Air ambulance

Calibration flights



Business flights

Efficient business flight operations - since 1977

Our main activity is business flights that we operate with the world's most popular twin engine jet and turboprop aircraft types, always with a crew of two qualified pilots. Business flight enhances your business and brings added value into it.

  • The departure and destination airfields are always selected by the customer. We provide you access to/from the airport nearest to you, including airports where no non-stop service is available, even to airports not served by the scheduled airlines.
  • Business flight enables multiple destinations in one work day. Ultimate timesaving for your convenience!
  • Flexible timetable - your meetings will be scheduled by yourself, not by airline carriers!
  • When all the benefits and costs are properly added up - exceedingly often a business flight with Scanwings proves to be the most cost effective choice.

Aircraft management

Aircraft management services - since 1977

Quality and cost effectiveness for our customers.

  • We incorporate our customer's aircraft into our air operating certificate (AOC) and operate it on your behalf.
  • We provide customer the required continuous airworthiness monitoring (CAM) and take care of possible fault rectifications.
  • We have long experience of business aircraft procurement. We offer to do this on behalf of our customers.
  • We also assist in choosing the right aircraft type to best satisfy our customer's travel needs.
  • In the question of pre-owned aircraft we assist in picking up specific unit.
  • We can market the aircraft to others- owner's costs are reduced.

Cargo flights

Busy shippings - 24/7 readiness

On cargo flights we carry up to 1 000 kg swiftly and directly to the destination.

  • Scanwings is authorized to carry "dangerous goods" (DGR) by air.
  • We can also transport special CAO ("Cargo Aircraft Only") goods.

Air ambulance

24/7 readiness - Experienced medical team

Years of experience and our well equipped aircraft guarantee stretcher patient a swift and reliable transportation to the reach of needed treatment. On air ambulance flights our well trained medical personnel will take care of the patient during whole of the flight.

  • We can fetch a patient from abroad to the reach of Finnish high level medical services. We can also bring the patient home after being treated in a Finnish health care unit.
  • Our medical team consists of a medical doctor and a paramedic. They are specially trained to observe the needs of air ambulance operation.
  • In conjunction with Medflight organization (that provides the medical services during the flight), we have EURAMI certificate.
  • Our air ambulance aircraft are equipped to the level of hospital intensive care unit.

Calibration flights

Trusted partner of airport operators

For years, Scanwings has been the selected service provider to Finavia (that runs the Finnish domestic aviation infrastructure) in providing the flight services to verify and calibrate the accuracy of the published terrestrial and GNSS based approach procedures.



Experienced own maintenance - Safe and reliable operation

In our maintenance organization our experienced professionals take care of our aircraft. This guarantees efficient operation.

  • EASA Part-145 maintenance organization

    We do our daily checks and fault rectifications by ourselves. This improves dispatch reliability.
  • EASA Part-M Subpart G CAMO

    Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization. We are directly responsible to our customers that on departure aircraft is airworthy.


Challenger 604
Citation C525A CJ2+
King Air C90
Bombardier Challenger 604
Number of aircraft 1
Manufacturer Bombardier Aviation (Canada)
Engines 2x General Electric CF34-3B
Cruising speed 850 km/h
Max cruising altitude 12 500 meters (41 000 ft)
Range ~7200 km
Seats 12 - 18
Cessna Citation C525A CJ2+
Number of aircraft 2
Manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Corporation (USA)
Engines 2x Williams International FJ44-3A-24
Cruising speed 770 km/h
Max cruising altitude 13 000 meters (45 000 ft)
Range ~2900 km
Seats 6-7
Beechcraft King Air C90
Number of aircraft 3
Manufacturer Beechcraft Aircraft Corporation (USA)
Engines 2x Pratt & Whitney PT6A-21 turboprop
Cruising speed 410 km/h
Max cruising altitude 9 000 meters (25 000 ft)
Range ~2000 km
Seats 6-8

About Us

Scanwings was established 1977. We are a Finnish business flight company located at Helsinki-Vantaa airport (EFHK). Europe and NW Russia is our main operational area, even though we operate to/from destinations worldwide.

About Us

Versatile flight operations - since 1977

Scanwings was established 1977. We are a Finnish business flight company located at Helsinki-Vantaa airport (EFHK). Europe and NW Russia is our main operational area, even though we operate to/from destinations worldwide.

  • We operate with two Cessna Citation CJ2+ jet and with three Beechcraft King Air C90 turboprops.
  • In our operation we follow the same EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulations and are controlled by aviation authority in the same way as all European airlines.
  • Our aircraft are twin engined and pressurized, and of course, always with two pilots.
  • For the upkeep of our aircraft technical status we have the EASA Part-145 maintenance approval and EASA OPS1 Part-M Subpart G CAMO organization. Technical operations are likewise controlled by aviation authority.

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